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General FAQs

  • How do I register to become a BulkTrip Partner Agency?
    To become a BulkTrip Partner Agency, you need to simply click on “Register With Us” button on the home page and fill Agent Registration Form. Our Registration team will get in touch with you and will send you your login details once our internal verifications are complete mostly with-in a couple of days.
  • Can I change my Agency login user name and password?
    Each Agency login user name has a unique identity and cannot be changed. However, you can always change your password by selecting “Change Password” option from My Account drop-down top menu item.
  • What should I do if I forget my password?
    On the home page, underneath the ˜Login” button, you can see ˜Forgot Password” link. Just click on that, enter your user name, registered e-mail ID and mobile number, and we will e-mail you a link from where you can select a new password.
  • What should I do if I forget my username?
    On the home page, underneath the ˜Login” button, you can see ˜Forgot Username” link. Just click on that, enter your registered mobile number and e-mail ID, and we will e-mail your username on your registered e-mail Id.
  • If I need any assistance what should I do?
    We have a professional team of travel and technical consultants ready and waiting to assist you. Just dial on our helpdesk no. +91 9278 567 567 or mail us on ops@bulktrip.com.
  • Is BulkTrip a retail travel booking platform?
    No. BulkTrip is not a retail travel booking portal. We are a B2B platform where we sell travel products to BulkTrip Partner Agencies registered on our website. This product is not meant for end users.
  • Do BulkTrip Partner Agencies get commission on bookings made via BulkTrip?
    The rates displayed on our site are NETT and non-commissionable. You would need to add your own mark-up before quoting any booking to your client. BulkTrip is a B2B platform and we do not control the rates at which a BulkTrip partner agency may sell our products to their respective clients. You are advised to create your users with different markups to create bookings with marked-up prices and display the same to your clients.
  • What are the current payment methods for bookings done via BulkTrip.com?
    If you are credit agency, then you can voucher bookings till the time your credit balance does not exhaust post which you would need to make payments to BulkTrip to reset your credit balance. In general BulkTrip would send a billing statement as per Agency's billing cycle for all invoices corresponding to bookings vouchered during that period. Agencies are expected to make payments for these statements to keep a healthy account with BulkTrip.com

    If you are a cash agency then you can only make bookings if there is enough cash balance deposited with BulkTrip on your Agency's behalf to take care of the booking charges.

Hotel Booking
  • How do I create a booking?
    You can login to BulkTrip.com with your provided user-name and password login credentials. Click on Search Hotels in top menu item and then proceed with booking by providing details such as destination, check-in & check-out date, room information along with number of adults and children. You can select your best suited option from list of displayed hotels and then complete the booking by providing guest details.
  • What is a confirmed Booking?
    A confirmed booking refers to a booking which is currently on-hold. This allows agents to temporarily hold a booking for their clients until the cancellation deadline date. If a confirmed booking does not get Vouchered before cancellation deadline, then the booking would get auto canceled to prevent any cost to the agent.
  • Can I confirm (hold) a booking which is under cancellation deadline?
    No. A booking which is under cancellation deadline, would directly get vouchered and can not be put on-hold (confirmed) as in case of general bookings.
  • Till when can I keep a booking in Confirmed status?
    A booking would remain in confirmed status until it reaches its cancellation deadline. Our system would automatically cancel your booking a few hours before cancellation deadline time to prevent any cancellation charges. You are strongly advised to voucher you booking atleast 1 day before cancellation deadline to prevent loss of your booking.
  • How do I voucher a confirmed booking?
    You can search your corresponding booking using various search criteria provided on the “View Bookings” page and can then click on Voucher button at the bottom on booking details to Voucher your booking. Please note that once a booking is vouchered. corresponding booking amount from your Account Balance would be deducted.
  • What is an On-Request Booking?
    An On-Request booking refers to a wait listed booking which has not been confirmed by he Hotel / Supplier for availability. BulkTrip would try its level best to get an On-request booking confirmed, however we can not guarantee 100% availability of the same. If an On-Request booking does not get confirmed within two days, it would automatically get canceled and same would be notified to the agent via email.
    • If an On-Request booking approaches towards cancellation deadline, it would automatically get canceled.
    • We do not allow Agents to create any On-Request bookings which are already under cancellation.
  • What is a pending booking?
    Pending is a very rare condition and would only happen if there is some technical glitch in the system. Our team looks into these bookings at top priority to get them resolved for you asap. You are strongly advised to not make another booking in case your booking goes into pending status and you should try and contact our operations staff via our helpline number to get it resolved asap.
  • How can I cancel a booking?
    You can select your corresponding booking by searching for the same on “View Bookings” page and then press on cancel button at the bottom of the booking details page. If there are any cancellation charges applicable at the time of cancellation, our system would show you corresponding charges and only on your confirmation, the booking would be canceled.
  • What does Cancellation Pending Status means?
    Cancellation Pending refers to case where cancellation for a booking has been initiated and out staff is working with the supplier / hotel to get it canceled on their end.
  • How would I know about my cancellation deadline and charges?
    At the time of booking, our system displays a very detailed cancellation policy having charges by the hour. Once a booking is made, cancellation policy can also be viewed by looking at Booking Details in “View Bookings” section. We also display applicable cancellation charges when a cancellation is initiated by an agency. Booking is canceled only after final cancellation charges are confirmed by the agent.
  • How to send quotation for different hotel combinations to my client?
    To quote a hotel combination from search results, you can click on “Add To Quote” checkbox to add the same to your quotation. Once you are done with adding all your required hotel combinations, you can click on “View Quotation” on top right of search results page to list all your quoted hotel combinations from where you can email those quotations to your prospective clients.
  • Can I have my Agency logo and address on the voucher
    Yes. As a BulkTrip partner agency, you can add you logo during agency registration and same would then be printed on your booking vouchers.
  • Can I make a group booking?
    For bookings that are for 10 or more persons, please use the group query form at home page.

Pricing Information

  • Once a booking is confirmed (on hold), is there any chance of prices getting changes?
    No. The prices are final once a booking has been confirmed and would remain as throughout the lifecycle of that booking.
    Please note : For any of your new hotel searches you may see increased or decreased rates for same inventory that you may have booked but this would not have any bearing on the existing booking that you have and your booking rates would remain the same. Hotel rates and availability are dynamic and may change very frequently.
  • Are all Hotel Booking charges inclusive of taxes and service charges?
    Yes. All the rates displayed on our site are inclusive of applicable taxes and service charges other than any payment gateway / credit card payment charges that may apply if a specific payment method is used.

Agency Users

  • How do I create my Agency sub-users?
    BulkTrip Agency Partner can make sub users under My Account > Manage User >Add New User section. Sub users can be employees or sub agents of the BulkTrip Partner Agency and can be used to create marked-up bookings.
  • How do I view my Agency sub-users?
    You can login to you BulkTrip account and can then user listings by clicking on MyAccount->Manage Users. This would provide a complete tabular list of users, both active and invactive, for your agency. You can click on a specific user which would open details for that specific user.
  • How do I setup markup for my Agency sub-users?
    Markup for an Agency user can be set while user creation. An agency can also change markup anytime for a user in user details section which can be viewed by selecting specific user under “Manage User” section.
  • Can I activate / inactivate my Agency sub-users?
    BulkTrip Partner Agency can activate or deactivate its user anytime. Simply set “inactive” as Current Status on user detail page and press “submit”. Once a user is inactive, no new bookings can be made for that user. Also login for that user would also be disabled.
  • How do I create a booking via my Agency sub-user?
    To create bookings for a sub-user, simply login to BulkTrip.com with corresponding username login and password and then follow general booking flow as described in Booking section.
  • What control does an Agency have on its created sub-users?
    An agency has complete comntrol over its users where it can view their bookings, activate / inactivate users, change their markup etc.

  • What are the different roles that I can assign to my Agency sub-users?
    You can create users with following different roles :

    • View Only
    • Can only view bookings and do general hotel search for queries without making any actual bookings.
    • Confirm Refundable
    • View and Hold bookings which are 100% refundable.
    • Voucher Refundable
    • View, hold and voucher bookings which are 100% refundable.
    • Voucher Under-Cancellation
    • View, hold and voucher bookings which are under cancellation.
    • Voucher Non-Refundable
    • View, hold and voucher bookings which are completely Non Refundable.
    • Accounts Operator
    • View and manage agency billing info section having data for billing statements, over due invoices, invoice history, payment history and make payments.

Accounts Information

  • What payment methods can be used to purchase BulkTrip products through the portal?
    You can make payments using credit cards, cheques, demand drafts or cash.
  • Bank Details
  • Bank Name : ICICI Bank
    Bank A/c Name : Vay Travel Tech Pvt. Ltd.
    Bank A/c No : 629805022623
    IFSC Code: ICIC0006298
    Bank Name : HDFC Bank
    Bank A/c Name : Vay Travel Tech Pvt. Ltd.
    Bank A/c No : 50200007276790
    IFSC Code: HDFC0001401
    Bank Name : AXIS BANK
    Bank A/c Name : Vay Travel Tech Pvt. Ltd.
    Bank A/c No : 916020052893285
    IFSC Code: UTIB0000126

  • What all accounting features are available with my BulkTrip.com login?
    You can view following accounts info by logging in as Agency Admin or as an “accounts operator” user and by accessing My Accounts > Billing Info :

    • Payment History
    • Invoices
    • Overdue Invoices
    • Billing Statement
    • Submit a new payment
  • Please note: Only Agency Admin and Accounts operator has rights to view Billing Info section. No other agency user would have rights to access the billing section.